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SINCE 1994
ARROW Home, smart life

ARROW Home under ARROW Home Group Inc, founded in Foshan in 1994, boasts 10 manufacturing bases  (2 under construction). With “ARROW Home, Living Intelligence” as its brand proposition, it is an integrated home brand of financial strength and influence in the world as well as one of the architectural sanitary ceramic manufacturing and selling enterprises on a greater scale in China, with its products and services covering smart sanitary wares, ceramic tiles, wardrobes, customized homes and other smart home products.

ARROW Home started from sanitary ceramics, with its constantly enriched production lines and improved product categories. Since 1998, it has started manufacturing bathtubs and shower rooms; since 2005, it has been involved in bathroom cabinets, and since 2006, it has also independently developed and produced hardware plumbing, including faucets, showers, hardware pendants and other products; in 2006 it was involved in the fields of sensors and smart seat toilets. In 2007, to comply with the trend of home decoration, it provided customers with a more perfect and more comprehensive home space solution to totally match ceramic tile and sanitary ware products. ARROW has opened up the road to the construction of ceramic tile categories. In 2012, ARROW Cupboards, and in 2012, ARROW Home Furnishing was founded one after another marking the formal entry of ARROW Home into the "Big Home Era" and the "Customized Era".

Now, ARROW Home products have been widely used in domestic and overseas landmark buildings and high-end residential houses, and it has become a partner to such Top 100 real estate entities as Country Garden, China Evergrande, SUNAC, China Overseas Property, China Resources Land and Gemdale Group. In the future, ARROW Home will carry out “Improvement of people's sanitary ware life quality” and “Innovation of people’s smart life space” as its core value dedicated to becoming the world’s top smart home brand.

Improving people’s life quality of sanitary ware

Since its establishment, ARROW has been dedicated to the “improvement of people's sanitary ware life quality” to enhance people’s home happiness with quality and values, and never changes its philosophy during changes of brands for decades. Now, from sanitary ware space to integrated smart home space, ARROW builds a more comfortable sanitary ware experience for consumers with water efficiency, cleanliness, intelligence and quality as its core objective by focusing on healthy life quality and sticking to high humanistic care.

Innovation of people's smart living space

ARROW innovates people's living space with multiple wisdom. From human wisdom, design wisdom, manufacturing wisdom to intelligent technology, it focuses on technological innovation and technology research and development. With a variety of household categories such as sanitary ware, ceramic tile and customized home, ARROW provides consumers with innovative products and services beyond the traditional ones, so that more families can experience the infinite future of intelligent life.


Land area       (mu)


After-sale  service    workers


Nationwide sales  outlets


Production bases (with 2 under construction)

Intelligent integrated spools

Extraordinary spools build extraordinary shapes. ARROW Seventh Generation of Integrated spools make scientific and technological achievements in aesthetics.
With nearly 30 national technological patents, and brand new black technology-integration technique, the thinness is of more connotation.

Smart linkage magic mirror

Smart magic mirror precision screen touch connects the parallel space behind the mirrors. You can enjoy private and safe schedule management, health management and interface settings and other experience by account setup. It can be your healthy life housekeeper and offer a better life experience to you.

Brand new third generation
Constant temperature water path memory alloy spools

Brand new upgraded warmth guard, which is safe and scald protective to offer constant temperature care at 40℃ to your family.
There will be no fear of sediment impurities. It is suitable to a variety of water heaters

Innovative slip-resistant glaze and more slip-resistant in case of water

Very high slip-resistant performance complying with European Standard R9
International dry and wet friction coefficient above 0.6
Surface Moh’s hardness living up to Level 6.5

Development of ARROW Development of ARROW Ceramic Tile Development process of ARROW Home Furnishing
ARROW became the designated ceramic sanitary ware supplier for China Pavilion at Expo Dubai to continue its splendid achievements
ARROW appeared at Expo Milan as the designated sanitary ware brand of China Pavilion at Expo Milan, Italy
ARROW signed international pianist Lang Lang as the brand image spokesman
ARROW launched the first model of singing smart toilets
It establish Product Design and R&D Center jointly with Tsinghua University to extend the study of ergonomics, and create the East humanistic sanitary ware culture to form a strong alliance with Frame Design Co., Ltd, Italy, which improved product design philosophy and review of product appearance quality
It was the first to propose the concept of “sanitary ware supporting facilities”, and quickly expanded three-parts of the products to full-line sanitary ware products
The factory equipment was transformed and upgraded in an overall manner, with the ceramic kiln technology living up to the then nationally outstanding level. It was for the first time to propose “three-year free repairs and lifelong maintenance” in the domestic sanitary ware industry as service actions
The first lot of one-piece toilets AB1103B came into being. It became the first enterprise in China to tackle technical difficulties in China and achieved large-scale mass production
ARROW’s first lot of independently researched and developed toilets AB1102 were formally put into production
ARROW formally established its own plant, and the first kiln was completed and put into production
ARROW slip-resistant tiles came into being. It applied innovative anti-slip surface technology to resolve safety problems with wet and slippy ceramic tiles
ARROW Ceramic Tile Business School was officially founded
ARROW Ceramic Tile appeared at Expo Milan as the brand of ceramic tiles designated by China Pavilion at Expo Milan, Italy
ARROW Ceramic Tile signed international pianist Lang Lang as the brand image spokesman
ARROW Ceramic Tile launched top-grade life museum at sales terminal
It joined efforts with China Men’s Basketball Team to enable brand sports marketing
It was awarded “one of emerging brands” in the List of the Fifth China Ceramic Industry 
It launched 361° real stone series of innovative products
ARROW Ceramic Tile’s innovative products like rustic tiles, polished tiles and ceramic tiles came into being
ARROW Ceramic Tile was founded, and proposed solutions to overall human settlement space
ARROW Overall Kitchen|Full House Furnishing turned a new page in brand upgrading
It joined efforts with CCTV2 Secret Transformation to customize comfortable home space for role models
Foshan ARROW Building was put into operation, and about 3000㎡ exhibition center was put into operation demonstrating the highlights of the brand
It entered Georgia and Florida, the USA to start its internationalization process
The production base in Sanshui, Guangdong Province covering a land area of 680 mu was put into operation, which marked the start of industrial 4.0 era
ARROW Home Furnishing signed international pianist Lang Lang as the brand image spokesman
The production base in Yingcheng, Hubei Province covering a land area of 220 mu was formally put into operation
It appeared at the 17th Shanghai International Kitchen Sanitary Ware Show, and was awarded the “environmental friendly product as cupboards in China”
ARROW Integrated Kitchen|Full House Furnishing Business School was established
It became an executive directorship member of Cupboard Special Committee of Furniture Decoration Industrial Chamber of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
ARROW Integrated Kitchen|Full House Furnishing series of products were launched in an innovative manner

Leading technology with honorable awards granted