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  • 01. Warranty objects

    Ceramic products, smart toilets, bathtub, shower rooms, bathroom cabinetbathroom cabinets, smart clothes air drying machines, faucet hardware, sensors, bathroomsanitary ware master, electric heating towel stands

  • 02. Free return, replacement and warranty

    Within 7 days from the date of sale, due to product quality, the customer will have the right to demand for return or replacement of same models or products of the same value and free repairs;

  • 03. Warranty period
    Product name Warranty parts Warranty period
    Ceramic products Ceramics (toilets, urinals, ceramic basins, mop basins, etc) 5 years
    Water parts and cover plates 3 years
    Smart toilet overall units, constant current valves, weaving pipes, angle valves 3 years
    Solenoid diaphragms and ultraviolet sterilizing lamps 1 years
    Rooms, bathtubs Bathtub and sanitary ware toughened glass 5 years
    stainless steel supports, aluminum materials, faucets, hardware fittings (pulleys, hinges, handles, bars, etc) 3 years
    Hand-held showers, spools, drainer air switches 2 years
    Control system, rubber strip 1 years
    Bathroom cabinets Main cabinets and mirror cabinets 3 years
    Marble table tops, guide rails, connectors, glasses, lighting lamps and fittings 1 years
    Smart clothes air drying Machines, motors 5 years
    Remote controls, sterilizing lamps 1 years
    Faucet hardware fittings Main faucets, common spools, constant temperature spools, weaving pipes, drainers, delay valves, pendants, stainless steel basins, floor drains 3 years
    Hand driers, skin driers, soap dispensers, top sprayers, showers, Hoses, aerators, plastic pipe fittings, drainer connecting pipes, etc 1 years
    Sensors Overall units (electric eyes, electromagnetic valves, battery compartments, films) 1 years
    Sanitary ware masters Overall units 3 years
    Electric heating towel stands Overall units 3 years
  • 04. Description of warranty

    1. For the products purchased after July 1, 2019, they shall be subject to the above-mentioned warranty policy, and for the warranty period of the products purchased before July 1, 2019, please note the official public number "ARROW Service" and contact online customer service for inquiry;

    2. The starting date of the warranty of the product shall be based on the invoicing date. If the last day of the warranty period falls on a statutory holiday, the next day of the holiday period shall be the last day of the warranty period;

    3. If the consumer loses his or her invoice and product warranty card and can not provide valid evidence such as invoice or photocopy, the starting date of the warranty shall be protected by the main body of the product security code (barcode), with the ex-factory date to be postponed accordingly by 90 days;

    4. The parts or units after repair or replacement beyond the warranty period will be entitled to limited warranty period for 90 days;

    5.Within the warranty range, if the whole set of product replacement (excluding accessories) occurs, the warranty period of the products replaced will be calculated in accordance with the "three guarantees" provisions;

    6. During the warranty period, if the product is shut down or for any other special reason, ARROW will have the right to provide customers with the same performance capable of normal use or matching use of similar styles of products or components to ensure the provision of appropriate solutions;

    7. The above warranty period will be applicable to end retail and e-commerce products only. Engineering product warranty period shall be based on contract requirements;

  • 05. Disclaimer

    1. Any product failure caused by ARROW unauthorized dis-assembly and repair;
    2. Failure to install, use and maintain the product as required by the instructions;
    3. Accidental or human actions leading to product damage (e.g. fall damage, excessive extrusion, product deformation, hard object damage, etc.);
    4. The warranty certificate does not match the product model name or the warranty certificate is altered;
    5. Damage to or loss of product logos, anti-demolition label is torn off or damaged, unclear or unable to be identified;
    6. The product is beyond the warranty period.
    7. Product malfunction or damage due to force majeure (e.g. fire, earthquake, flood, etc.);