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10 franchise support

  • Online and offline media advertising in all-round manner.
  • The professional market survey team assisted in site selection, preparation, and provided free shop design and sample design.
  • Based on levels of cities and areas of stores, offer fitment 
    allowance support
  • The professional planning team provides activity solutions, activity support, active marketing execution team to serve promotion in different parts of China all year round.
  • The powerful business marketing team assists shop operation, personnel management, after-sale support, and mastery of industrial business standardization management within a short time.
  • For new stores, from the earlier period of business start to planning and execution after business start, the Company will provide experienced team to work out customized solutions to assist newly joining merchants in their early stage operation.
  • Free customized training courses, regular provision of sound knowledge training 
    to enhance terminals!
  • For new store samples and old store changes, the Company will offer favorable policy-oriented discounts on the basis 
    of factory prices.
  • 5 or 6 nationwide interactive promotion campaigns each year. The Head Office will always master the market trends, and launch preferential policies in appropriate times to cut profits in favor of dealers and consumers.
  • For annual rebate policy discount support, contact regional manager for details.


01. Preliminary business negotiation

Joining conditions, requirements and visit to exhibition center

02. Market survey

Understanding of market conditions, local brands and competitors

03. Qualification authentication

Whether to comply with standards

04. Store confirmation

Write selection of stores and finalize flagship store coordinates

05. Signing of contracts

The parties enter into dealer agreements

06. Display design

Communication with sample selection, and overall design and construction

07. Operational training

All-round professional training before business start to win the markets

08. Formal business start

Business start support for planning team activities and authoritative media
advertising support

  • Sanitary Wares
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Customized Home
  • Business investment hotline:Nationwide engineering investment service hotline: Zhu Mingtao13790004585
    Nationwide regional investment service south area: Xu Xiaoben 13889941043
    Nationwide regional investment service north area: Manager Zhang 13790005867
    National engineering direct operation hotline: Manager She 13790005872
  • Service email:Zhu Mingtao
    Xu Xiaoben
    Manager Zhang
  • Business investment hotline:North area of ARROW: Lin Xuhua 13790005870
    South area of ARROW: Zhao Min 13790005818
    Nationwide engineering hotline: 0757-29964158
  • Service
  • Business investment hotline:Nationwide investment service manager: He Shuaifeng 13790007780
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