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Borrowing East Wind to Show Strength, Arrow Attended the Seminar on China-UAE Economic and Trade Cooperation


On October 30th, CCPIT World Expo Delegation and the Economic and Trade Delegation held the groundbreaking ceremony of China pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020. At the ceremony, Chinese Government’s Chief Representative/CCPIT Vice-president Zhang Shenfeng, Chinese Consul-General in Dubai Li Xunhang, and Executive Director of Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau Najib Ali respectively made a speech, which announced that the China pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020 formally entered the crucial phase of comprehensive construction.

At the Seminar on China-UAE Economic and Trade Cooperation held on the same day, representatives of both sides exchanged in-depth views on issues concerning international economic and trade cooperation between China and UAE. Arrow attended the seminar and made a debut in front of the Middle East countries and enterprises not only as a China’s representative in intelligent manufacture, but also as a designated supplier of ceramic sanitary wares for China pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020.

Photo of the Groundbreaking Ceremony of China Pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020

Photo of the Seminar on China-UAE Economic and Trade Cooperation

Photo of the Seminar Between CCPIT

(Middle: Yusuf -President of Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry; third from right: Lu Jinhui, – Deputy General Manager of Lehua Home Furnishing Group)

It is reported that UAE will establish partnership with China. 600 5G stations will be set up within UAE in this year, hoping to establish Dubai Internet of Things throughout UAE that takes 5G technology as core and thus realizing Dubai smart city planning. In this context, the intelligent equipment market of UAE and even the entire Middle East Region is bursting with huge potential. Arrow, as a representative of China’s national sanitary ware industry in intelligent manufacture, will seize the opportunity of this observation, take advantage of the market gap of intelligent sanitary wares to expand Arrow’s strategic layout in the Middle East region and accelerate the strategic planning of brand internationalization.

How can China’s intelligent manufacture industry go abroad? Arrow realized brand internationalization strategy from three aspects.

Lead the industrial upgrading with intelligent technical reserves

Taking the Milan Expo 2015 as an opportunity, Arrow entered the European and American market and officially opened the road to brand internationalization. Over the years, in order to explore international intelligent sanitary ware market, and improve the international competitiveness of the brand, Arrow has always adhered to innovation-oriented industry upgrading, formed its unique technical advantages by introducing high-pressure grouting technology and high-pressure grouting line from Italy and foreign advanced manipulator spraying glazing technology in combination with independent innovation, and also established a modern and intelligent production base. By virtue of excellent design and exquisite craft, Arrow has successively won a number of awards, such as German “IF Design Award”, “Red Dot Award”, China Innovation Design Award “Red Star Design Award” and “Top Ten Innovation New Product Award”. Powerful intelligent technical reserves allow the company to be fully affirmed in the domestic and foreign professional fields.

Some Awards & Honors of Arrow (Kapok Design Award, Germany Red Dot Award, Boiling Quality Award and Golden Toilet Award)

(Kapok Design Award, Germany Red Dot Award, Boiling Quality Award and Golden Toilet Award)

Innovative product functions highlight the humanism

Under the context of the IoT era based on 5G technology, Arrow focuses on intelligence and personalization, having launched a complete set of intelligent sanitary ware space products covering smart toilet, whirlpool baths, temperature-constant shower, smart drying machine and customized sanitary wares to meet users’ different requirements on intelligent sanitary wares. In March, Arrow launched V7 Saucer series smart toilet that integrates all exploration achievements of the intelligent field: With super intelligent integrated core, this series allows users to operate it by voice; it also can monitor users’ physical and mental health state by analyzing the excreta and give intelligent warning, thus creating more comfortable, safe and health sanitary space for our consumers and leading the trend of industry culture. Besides, V7 series of products adopt advanced intake & discharge integrated mechanical flushometer, which uses intelligent core to control the water volume, enabling the equipment to enter the power-saving mode automatically when it is not used for a long time and is fully consistent with the concept of sustainable development.

Arrow V7 Saucer Series Smart Toilet

Reasonable strategic layout crates a global brand

在As customized home furnishings and intelligent sanitary wares are all the rage in the domestic market, Arrow breaks the traditional dealer model, and implements new offline retail model with Internet of Things technology to adapt to the informatization, big data and intelligence requirements. Recently, Arrow has successively put new retail experience stores into operation in Foshan and Hefei where big data is used to analyze consumers’ requirements accurately so as to enable consumers to enjoy accurate and scenarized experience service. Such experience stores realizes that “what you see is what you mean” and help consumers build their ideal home.

Arrow’s New Retail Experience Store

In terms of the international market, Arrow successfully entered European and America market on the occasion of Milan Expo in 2015. At present, Arrow’s products are exported to more than fifty countries and regions, including America, Canada, Italy and Spain. In recent years, Arrow has also explored Southeast Asian market and African market in succession and participated in the construction of many important overseas projects. And this year, taking the Expo Dubai 2020 and this visit to the Middle East as an opportunity, Arrow made a successful debut in the Middle East, which laid a solid foundation for the company’s international strategic layout in the Middle East Market.

Doha(Capital of Qatar) International School uses Arrow products

Maputo International Airport Maputo International Airport of Mozambique uses Arrow’s products

Dhaka(Bangladesh) Long Beach Hotel uses Arrow’s products

At the first stop of this visit to the Middle East, Arrow made a successful debut with powerful intelligent technical reserves and forward-looking strategic layout, which opened a new chapter of brand internationalization strategy. Arrow provides the China’s intelligent manufacture industry with valuable experience of going abroad and sets up an important benchmark for China’s sanitary ware industry and other outstanding entity enterprises. We look forward that Arrow could bring more gratifying news for China’s sanitary ware industry and China’s manufacturing industry in the construction of China pavilion for the Dubai Expo 2020.

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