V7 Disc series smart toilets
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V7 Disc series smart toilets
Fully smart temperature control sensing smart toilets
Thousands of families choose smart toilets
Product parameters
Brand name: ARROW Brand model: AKB1320
Heating mode: Instant heating Rated power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
Rated power: 1150W Water inlet pressure: 0.14Mpa~0.75Mpa
Product dimension: 715x460x79mm Product material: ABS material
Water outlet temperature: About 30~38℃ Flush way: Siphonic jet toilets
Drainage way: Bottom drainage Operating environment: 0~40℃
Heater power: 1600W Flush water flow: 400~750ml / minute
Drying safety device: Double metal chip switch, temperature fuse
Safety device: Flow sensor, temperature sensor, temperature control switch, temperature fuse
Fully smart temperature control sensing smart toilets
  • 38W
    3-stage adjustable temperature control
    The common energy efficient light power is 9-15W
  • 0.14MPa
    Static pressure boosting flush
    International range as 0.1-0.6MPa
  • 30+
    Patent certification
    More than 30 national patents certification
  • Automatic flush
  • Smart configuration
  • Automatic flip
  • Temperature control seat
  • Lukewarm heating
  • SPA
  • Dry air temperature
  • Streamline appearance
Core Era, Smart Life—— Smart integrated cores
Different main balls, experience by cores, ARROW integrated cores of the new generation, outstanding smart quality
Beauty of streamlines is boundless—— Small and thin appearance
Comfortable small and thin streamline design and
multilevel structure sound insulation makes life safer and quieter
Unblocked and powerful swirl flush
Multiple powerful flush combined with glazed pipelines, charging available without power, removal of dirt and filth easily
  • Small, thin and integrated
  • Lower water pressure flush
  • Flush without power
  • Charge and suction by two engines
  • Water flush off seat
  • Micro crystal self-glazing
  • Seat ceramic tiles
Wireless smart remote control
Diverse function, easy operation and sensitive induction
Water spray for cleaning makes more comfort—— female wash, toilet wash, massage
Considerate female wash, care of women, easier toilet wash, comfortable massage functions
  • Automatic flush
  • Hip wash
  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Mobile cleaning
  • Water pressure regulation
Smart constant temperature heating—— constant temperature heated cushion
Well-distributed seating feel, 3-stage adjustable temperature control
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