V7 Chi Series
Smart Toilets
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Smart Toilets
V7 Chi Series
Smart Toilets
Thousands of families choose smart toilets AKB1310
Product parameters
Brand name: ARROW
Brand model: AKB1310
Heating mode: Instant heating
Rated power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
Rated power: 1150W
Water inlet pressure: 0.14Mpa~0.75Mpa
Product dimension: W705 x D393 x H499mm
Product material: Ultra-thin ceramics
Water outlet temperature: About 30~38℃
Flush way: Siphonic
Drainage way: Bottom drainage
Operating environment: 0~40℃
Heater power: 1600W
Flush water flow: 400~750ml / minute
Drying safety device: Double metal chip switch, temperature fuse
Safety device: Flow sensor, temperature sensor, temperature control switch, temperature fuse
Ergonomic function design
—— Smart and better life
Integrated ceramics without tanks, integrated molding with good bearing capacity. Ultra-thin looks, exquisite and elegant!
  • Digital display
  • Inducing flip cover
  • Smart safety protection
  • Seat heating
  • Hot air drying
  • Warm night lamp
  • Diatom deodorization
  • Smart remote control
Extraordinary spools—— build extraordinary shapes
New black tech integration technology leads to a brand new humanistic experience with elegance, comfort and energy efficiency all rolled into one.
LED digital display lamp—— digital intuitive perception of coldness and warmth
Seat temperature and water outlet temperature display and ergonomic function design
The seventh generation of integrated spools
with aesthetics achieved by technology Combination of science and technology allows the thinness to be of more connotation
  • Smart integrated spools
  • Instant heating water outlet
  • Self-cleaning of nozzles
  • Hip wash
  • 3-level water temperature control
  • Female wash
  • Sprayer water temperature control
  • Mixed flush
  • Mobile wash
Intelligence makes life easier and more convenient
Intelligently induced flip cover, remote control flip rings
Multiple cleaning modes —— cleanliness satisfies you more
Female wash mode Hip wash mode Mobile wash Sprayer self-cleaning
  • Female wash
  • Hip wash
  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Mobile cleaning
Humanistic LED night lamps
—— mild light extending
your dream
Humanistic LED night lamp creates a soft
and warm environment for use.
At the same time, it is very intimate to avoid causing dazzling sanitary ware lights to disturb family rest.
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