Bathtub AC1802
138° ergonomic design
Be quiet and slow down for life
Product selling points
1. Top quality acrylic material
2. Free customization
3. Safe and slip resistant (bottom slip resistant design)
4. Filtration and deodorization
5. Air bubble massage (air bubbles out of water blowing by air pumps)
6. 360-degree rotary shower base
7. 3-lying position design
8. Phototherapy
9. Back cushion design
10. Music-sound therapy
11. Button shift hand-held
13. LED colorful light
14. Comfortable constant temperature
15. Ozone sterilization technology
16. Hydraulic message (great surfing function force)

Product pictures

Product parameters

Material: composite plates
Skirting: no skirting
Dimension and capacity: 1800*1800*820
Installation way: embedded
Fittings: standard drainage and spillage
Remarks: capable of customizing empty bathtubs, air bubble bathtubs and surfing bathtubs

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