Home Furnishing Lusheng series
At daybreak, dew on mulberries is fresh with music playing under green trees
Culture is a good poem on the paper
Elegance is the dancing gray
Drinking tea and wine and listening to rain to wait for the moonlight
You seem to return to mountains and waters even if you are in a busy city
Design description
Style series: new Chinese style
Group positioning: successful person aged between 30 and 45

Door panel design: With the window shape in the Ming Dynasty as the prototype of solid wood handle design, collocated with gray door panels, the product will become more attractive full of connotation.

Design description: Like ink painting, it is quiet as water and moves as wind. Like ink painting of the naked gray collocated with primary color wood grain, it is the integration of the Ming Dynasty window sill elements of the log handle design as if a window in a hill were open with endless views and beautiful scenery.

Custom features

  • Bedroom
  • Study
  • Balcony cabinet
  • Bedroom
  • Study
  • Balcony cabinet


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