Home Furnishing Plato series
Style series: Jane European style
Group positioning: aged between 30 and 45
Door panel design: High-grade gray 3D molding process is used for door panels, and the metal handle is collocated with a simple streamlined door to show the elegant fashion.
Function design: Wash makeup storage. The combined design of the LED aluminum frame smart sanitary ware mirror makeup table and wash table meets the double needs of makeup and wash. Furthermore, it meets relatively independent and shared space of couples. Makeup, skin care bottles and toiletries are no longer messy; with side cabinet temporary rest area design, you can enjoy personal time in the sanitary ware, relax and soak your feet to relieve fatigue; the combined design of cleaning storage, bathroom cabinets and washing machine offer you a place for the washing machine. Furthermore, it also solves the laundry categories, cleaning tools, household appliances, etc such as collection of articles; storage of public goods, design of hanging cabinets and side walls above toilets, use of gray space on the wall to store domestic tissues, women's supplies and other items.
Design description

Light gray door plans with simple lines outline the classic style of Jane European classical style, which is firm and fashionable. It is the modern urban Jane European sentiments. With the integration of wash area + laundry area + make-up area + toilet area, the design of extraordinary structure adds unlimited fun to your life.

Custom features

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