Home Furnishing Brighton series
Style series: modern style
Group positioning: aged between 20 and 35
Double finishing technology is used for door panels, and collocated with dark blue design, which demonstrates the personality of the product.
Function design: the double door mirror cabinet hides large space toiletry storage; the hidden skin care mini refrigerator and upturned dresser design makes it easier for you to take items while performing skin care; the design of pull basket for storage can better place electrical appliances and toiletries such as hair dryers, curling irons, facial care machines and body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner and other items.
Design description

It comes from Brighton, a coastal city of England. The design is based on gray-white rock slabs plus deep-sea blue, which demonstrates the whole room as leisurely as the sea. It is so pure and clean that people will forget all troubles. The product design is interpreted by concise and able lines, and mainly consists of blue as a quiet good scene.

Custom features

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  • Customized features


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