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ARROW ceramic tiles Daoji gray

The design inspiration comes from the real gemstone of Dhaulagiri, the Himalayas. Daoji gray carries the original stone beauty of Dhaulagiri, with mist passing by like quicksand sliding past full of spatial implications.

Product selling points

The decorative effect is simple and generous with large plate for pavement, which gives a visual extension of people’s feeling, and can undertake texture elements that are more natural with more details.

A stone has quite a few faces. The texture is realistic, and the touch real. The decoration effect seems to be nature endowed.

There are few seams to avoid dirt and filth, so cleaning and care is made easy.

Product pictures

Product parameters

Brand: ARROW Model: ACS815189P
Category: Fully glazed ceramic tiles Product specification: 900x1800mm
Product attribute: Fashion slabs Application scenarios: Parlor background, floor
Product name: Daoji gray

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