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ARROW ceramic tiles Klara white
It comes from Mount Everest. I can go deep into the sea and can go up into clouds, but you are always the mountain beyond reach.
Product selling points

By the research and development of natural rock at 1:1 reduction, several faces on one rock can be seen. Like natural rock, each grain is natural and unique.

The texture is more realistic, with higher grade. Multi-layer overlapping technology is used for glaze, so the texture is clearer and three-dimensional, with superior anti-fouling and wear resistance.

It is imported ink with clear texture. It is of the same touch as that of natural marble using imported functional ink.

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Product parameters

Brand: ARROW Model: ACT809090L
Category: Full-body Product specification: 900x900mm
Product attribute: Full-body marble Application scenarios: Parlor background, parlor and bedroom floor
Product name: Klara white

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