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Interpretation of gray classics

The design inspiration comes from the real gemstone of Dhaulagiri, the Himalayas. Daoji gray carries the original stone beauty of Dhaulagiri, with mist passing by like quicksand sliding past full of spatial implications.

The design inspiration comes from the tall and majestic Chogori Peak with icy cliff and steep mountains, with traces of avalanche, which makes Chogori gray full of attraction. It is a super product out of marble.

The design inspiration comes from the Alpamayo, the most magnificent mountain in the world. It is tilted by 60 degrees and rose to the sky. The purely magnificent white is mighty and fine to make home space full of tension beauty.

The design inspiration comes from the Annapurna covered with snow. The fine and smooth quality as well as pure and tender touch creates a noble and elegant home.

The fine grains are like fine sands. The wonderful touch on your fingertips make life more fantastic.

It sends forth flavor of Versailles, which is romantic and firm creating a noble and elegant home.

It has art retro temperament, which is calm, comfortable and stable. Based on the European retro building stone and color, it expresses the romantic and rich connotation, relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle.

Rhine gray comes from mighty waterfall. In the space of Rhine gray, you seem to hear the waterfall.

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